Direct online booking is the main goal of the hotel's webpage. We have developed our own online sales tool with high success and clarity. Our direct sales tool already brings new and new direct bookings to several hotels every day. No commission. No additional fees. It is a direct part of the hotel website and your tool with the flexi rate system. As a modern hotelier, you can adjust the prices of stays, last minute offers, create stay packages, age categories and price variants created from the base price.


Three simple steps. Upselling. Limitation of arrival days for stay packages, availability calendar in case of unavailable dates.

Automatic calculations of prices of additional services according to the age of persons and dates of stay. Simple addition of additional services and automatic billing. Possibility to calculate also mandatory fees such as local tax or final cleaning of the apartment.


Flexible payment methods

Indulge your guests in modern ways to pay for their stay in real time or set up the option of creating only a guaranteed reservation with immediate payment or pre-authorization of the card without prepayment. Get immediate confirmation from the system and automated processing of the reservation and its payment.


Flexi rate system

  • Daily price editing and setting discounts
  • Restrictions and limitations on length of stay
  • Conversion of price variants 
  • Minimum length of stay 
  • Fixing the sale of stay packages
  • Active connection of room availability
  • Creation of discount coupons
  • Online payment integration

​Sale of stay packages

  • Unlimited creation and archiving
  • Limiting the length of stay
  • Limiting the starting day of the week
  • Exact pricing according to the age of the persons
  • Package heating (hiding others in a given period)
  • Additional services extra to each package
  • Time reservations for additional services
  • Possible combination with flexi rate system


Advanced statistics

  • it depends on the conversion, we follow all clicks to the online reservation
  • we analyze purchase conversion
  • monitored dates
  • most booked days
  • length of stay
  • booking time before arrival
  • the number of time-based searches and other purchase statistics that you can use in your online campaigns and paid advertising


The power of mobile booking

  • according to publicly available statistics for 2018, there was a 35% increase in mobile reservations worldwide in travelling
  • OTA (,, and others) recorded a 45% contribution of mobile bookings
  • the contribution of mobile bookings in hotels is so far only 18% in the same period
  • don't let your guests run into intermediators, bet on a mobile strategy and increase the contribution of direct online bookings in your hotel
  • we have fully adapted our mobile reservation to mobile devices
  • 100% touchable - touch strategy for a full one-inch reservation
  • simple and full purchase, including additional services and upselling
  • included in the price of our Booking engine without any additional payment


Direct connection to the Onboard application

After booking, guests have the option of logging in to the web onboard application, which allows them functionality that you can activate/deactivate by yourself in our system.
You can use:

  • guests online check-in
  • additional orders for additional services
  • quick contact with the reception
  • hotel account overview
  • issued documents for the stay with the possibility of online payment (optional)
  • silent recommendation for management
  • public rating on TripAdvisor
  • navigation to the hotel/accommodation

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