The modern hotel and reservation system not only brings automation and easier work to the hotel, but intensifies direct contact with the guest, facilitates mutual communication and supports additional sales of services even after making a reservation and during the stay of guests in the hotel.


Part of our Ellipse hotel system is a handy web application that does not need to be additionally installed, downloaded or prepared in any other way. It is a natural part of the PMS system and every guest who has a reservation made in the hotel and saved e-mail address can generate access to a separate subpage with personalized content.
Your onboard application can include:

  • personalized guest welcome
  • info about the stay, reservation, persons
  • online check-in
  • additional ordering of additional services
  • order overview
  • chat with reception
  • real-time hotel account balance (overview of paid deposits as well)
  • staff evaluation
  • silent recommendation for management
  • public rating on TripAdvisor
  • hotel navigation
  • direct contact at the reception/hotline

​The application is adapted to your accommodation facility. You define its color according to corporate colors, upload logos and set which parts of the onboard application you want to make available to guests.