For our customers and partners, we have prepared API documentation for various components of the PMS system and web booking. Each communication with the system takes place via secure data transmission under the HTTPS certificate and uses different levels of security features.


Reservations API

The novelty is a simple API interface, through which you can communicate the availability and prices of stays of your hotel and accommodation facility to any portals and towards any partners.


What can we communicate?

Room types and availability

The system can provide partners with whom the accommodation owners have the right (name and password) to send the availability of individual rooms according to the type in the requested terms. Partners can check this availability as often as possible by simply calling the url address. At the same time, it is possible to communicate the basic data of the room, its capacity, restrictions or photos.


Prices of stays

We can send the prices of stays as you have with us in the system to connected partners. The entire price calculation takes place on the side of the Ellipse system. The partner calls the url address with the date, the number of adults and the number of children with the exact age. Our system according to the set criterias (prices, price variants, flexi coefficients, discounts for lengths of stay, prices of extra beds, etc.) calculates the final price of the stay in various variants for all available rooms in the searched term.


Creating a reservation

With a simple HTTP request, you can generate a new reservation in the system with all parameters, including contact information, reservation ID, price, commission amount, including a more detailed note on the stay. In the hotel sail, the system generates a new reservation with the relevant data and sends a notification to the saved notification e-mails. At the same time, the system updates the new availability of rooms and sends it via our Channel manager to all connected portals, so you always have only real prices available for sale on the portals.


Editing and canceling a reservation

Each reservation can be edited over time using the ID and possibly canceled. The accommodation owner receives notifications again as with regular direct bookings or bookings through the Channel manager.


Do you want to become our partner?

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