The availability of rooms and current flexi prices have been brought to the initial selection of the date of stay. This functionality will increase your active work with prices, guide the customer to less exposed dates with a lower rates and at the same time immediately display unavailable dates to the customer in the selection of the date of stay.


web booking dates selection


Flexi room prices

A simple parameter in the url address of the web booking will ensure the display of a specific room with its flexi prices and current availability. In the Ellipse admin, you can activate the display of flexi prices in the basic calendar also in the case of accommodation facilities with several categories and types of rooms and apartments. After login - Settings - Basic settings - Booking engine.


ellipse cloud web booking


Free standardized website

If you are a small accommodation owner, apartment, cottage or private. We are bringing to your attention a new template website. We will simply repaint the website to your colors, upload the logo, descriptions and the website is ready and online in 30 minutes. It is part of the Ellipse Cloud, so you have WEB BOOKING available for direct reservations and a channel manager for domestic and foreign portals. (, Expedia, Vrbo, AirBnB, and many others).