We often received requests from you hoteliers and accommodation providers for time reservations for additional services, reservations for tables, massages, wellness procedures and various additional services. Your requirements did not take long, and today we present our new reservation module Timi.


Comprehensive and practical friend

We have prepared the Timi module for time reservations so that it is universal and universally applicable for various variants of time reservations. In the system you will create an unlimited number of additional spaces, types of services, categories and you can manage reservations online quite easily and clearly. According to the flags, you can mark specific employees who will provide the given service, and according to the different colors, you have an immediate overview in the calendar of services.


Intensive direct salesman

In addition to a clear management of reservations for additional spaces and services. Timi is an active and strong salesman. It sells all your services online in real time and ensures that you maximize the use of available time. It maximizes the revenue and upselling of additional services, brings guests a full-valued stay and the opportunity to plan additional services during their stay before arrival at the hotel.


Shopping cart and online booking

The Timi reservation module is built on an active shopping cart, thanks to which it enables the reservation of several services at the same time. You fully manage the method of payment for the ordered services in the settings and you can also connect the reservation module to your online payment gateway with immediate notification of the success of the payment.


What basic functionalities does Timi bring you?

  • unlimited creation of additional spaces
  • unlimited category creation for additional services
  • unlimited creation of services
  • individual setting of time intervals (from 5 minutes)
  • unlimited reservation categories and statuses
  • color settings for the appearance of calendar reservations
  • bulk setting of opening times
  • technical breaks and temporary closures
  • reservation reports and reports
  • immediate notifications
  • automatic folding of the online reservation into the sail
  • full log of booking changes
  • connection with Booking engine for residential reservations
  • design adjustment (you can adjust the color and logos to your design in a few clicks)
  • full responsiveness of online booking from the guest's point of view and management of reservations in the admin
  • and many other functionalities :)